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Sydney's Antennas and Aerials Repair Specialists in difficult TV reception areas.

Receive digital picture and sound intermittently, pixelation, breaking up of picture and sound or other problems.

Multi-directional antennas may cause problems if they face the wrong way or if you live in an area with lots of trees or a high density building and are surrounded by hills.

Receive digital picture and sound intermittently, pixelation, breaking up of picture and sound or other problems. Multi-directional antennas may cause problems if they face the wrong way or if you live in an area with lots of trees or a high density building and are surrounded by hills.

A TV antenna costs on average $195 to repair or replace, with a high of $450 and a low of $55. Replacing the antenna will typically cost around $100 more than repairing it repaired, though this may not be an option.

If there is any damage, such as a broken or bent antenna, fix it yourself or call the antenna guy. Sit back and call a professional repair person if you don't find any of these problems. Only a skilled professional can now resolve the issues.

How to Repair a tv Antenna Check your antenna's connection to your converter box and make sure the cables are connected properly. If your RF cable from your antenna to your TV appears to be rusty or worn out, replace it. If the signals are still feeble, adjust the antenna position.

The cost of purchasing and installing a new digital TV antenna in most regions of Sydney is usually between $350-$600.

Most TV antennas will survive anywhere from 10 to 20 years in most cases. Some have even been reported to last up to 30 years. However, as we all know, accidents may happen, and you may need to replace your old antenna with a new one at times, even if you don't want to.

Because of the risk of installing the antenna on the roof, the cost of installing an internal antenna is less than that of an outdoor antenna. The cost of an interior antenna may be around $150, while the cost of an exterior antenna installation could be around $500.

ten to fifteen years TV antennas normally have a lifespan of 10-15 years under normal conditions, after which time problems such as dropouts or small square "blocks" on the screen, known as "pixilation," are prevalent.

Aerials are not required for conventional TV viewing, although you can buy a smart TV that doesn't have one built in. External aerials or an internal aerial, often known as an indoor antenna, can be used. However, you will need one to fully utilise the internet and other functions.

Switch on your antenna signal metre and tune in to the lowest broadcast channel available in your location. Slowly spin your antenna 360 degrees and stop when the antenna signal strength reaches its maximum (usually indicated by LEDs). Read the direction of the highest antenna signal with a compass and record the result.

It's possible that your cords are loose. You'll most likely get no signal or a poor signal if your cords are unsecured. As a result, double-check your TV and antenna connections. Check your wires to make sure they aren't bent, looped, or otherwise broken when you're inspecting your connections. 9th of July, 2021

If there is any damage, such as a broken or bent antenna, fix it yourself or call the antenna guy. Sit back and call a professional repair person if you don't find any of these problems. Only a skilled professional can now resolve the issues.

One of the most common reasons why TVs are unable to identify channels is that their cable boxes are malfunctioning. Restarting your cable box may resolve any problems that are preventing it from functioning properly.

Broken/damaged antennas, installation/aiming issues, and interference concerns are the three most typical reasons why your antenna fails to pick up those channels. Let's start with some frequent antenna installation errors that can lead to channel loss and reception problems.

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TV Antenna issues can be frustrating. Especially in a country like Australia with poor TV antenna coverage. With our reliable antenna repair service, we can replace or repair an aerial antenna or boost your antenna reception. 


An antenna signal boost may amplify the poor reception quality from a tv tower. This can often resolve poor antenna reception commonly found in NSW. You may have had a signal boost installed, but might still have issues with your digital or analog antenna reception. This might not have anything to do with your antenna receiving reception from the TV tower.


The poor TV antenna reception may be caused by electrical interference from nearby sources. This is when you need Sydney’s specialists like Budget Antenna to resolve the problems of your house roof antenna reception system.

Our professional Sydney antenna installation and antenna servicing can resolve your electrical interference and weak signal issues


Weak Signals

You may have a few channels with inconsistent audio and visuals. You might have bought a new TV to fix the problem only to learn that the cause could not be the TV as it is still present – this is a common issue in sydney. It could have been your antenna. Your antenna may require maintenance or a new antenna replacement sydney. It may also be due for repair or it could be caused by a low quality signal from the TV tower.


Weak TV signals can be resolved in sydney with a well placed new signal booster and antenna. This amplifies the signal that hits the new antenna. This new optimal placement makes it easier for your new antenna to receive data. Often the signal does not make it to the TV. This can be due to the signal dying in the cabling. The amplifier re-outputs weak parts of the TV signal to give your TV the clarity you deserve.

To ensure your TV, antenna and other devices are in working order; best contact us or get a free quote by clicking the button at the top of the page.


Electrical Interference

Sometimes it’s not weak signals that hit your antenna. Sometimes there’s electro-magnetic interference which corrupts the signals received from the TV tower to the antenna. Adding a signal booster can even put out electromagnetic signals which can disrupt your reception. 


There are many electrical devices that can cause your reception to perform inconsistently: 

  • Home electrical appliances
  • Signal boosters
  • Street power lines
  • Street lights and lamps
  • Radio signals
  • Pool filter devices
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Power boards
  • Electric fencing
  • Any device which releases an electromagnetic signal.

This is not as easy to resolve as a weak signal repair. There are many variables and often an electrical device could be momentarily on and cause problems to your TV reception. Our tv antenna repairs specialist service should be able to figure out the best solution for your home. Call us for a quote, it’s free! We work to service your antenna and get it repaired for clarity.

TV Antenna Repairs Sydney

Many people think that a TV antenna does not need to be repaired and just needs to be replaced every so often. Quite the contrary, in sydney an old analogue antenna should still receive digital TV just fine. But if your tv antenna is more than ten years old, or you live in the area with poor TV reception, most sydney have receiption issues. In such cases, antenna fix or upgrade to a digitally optimized antenna may be required for a perfect digital picture. Antenna repairs price start from around $200.


We do the best repairs services on your aerial antenna all over Sydney. 

Antenna Repairs Near Me

Our antenna service is all over Sydney. Contact us for a free quote and we can work and assist with the repairs for your antenna.

Antenna Installation

we have been providing excellent TV antenna installation, service and repairs in Sydney ever since. Budget Antennas is a family-owned business that prides itself on delivering quality service and craftsmanship to every customer.

Antenna Installation Services

If you are looking for TV antenna installation services or repairs, then you have come to the right place! We install digital TV antennas systems for residential clients as well as commercial clients such as offices, schools, hotels, resorts or venues.

There is a plethora of reasons to have your TV antenna installed or repaired, including:

1. You receive poor reception and you want to improve your reception

2. You have moved house to somewhere new that has poor reception

3. You want to eliminate the extra cost of paying for Foxtel each month

Whatever your reason, we can help you with the installation or repair of your TV antenna system.

Budget tv antenna installation offers antennas for both digital and analogue television, and our range

As a family-owned business based in sydney, we understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. We guarantee all of our work for a lifetime on all tv antenna installation. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will come back and fix whatever problems you are having at no extra cost to you that’s how confident we are with our services. This is an industry first!

We do digital tv antenna installation systems for residential clients as well as commercial clients like offices, schools, hotels, resorts or venues. Whatever your reason is for wanting to improve your TV reception – whether it is poor or excessive pixelation – then Budget Antennas can help!

Check out our antenna installation services. Call us, our quotes are free!

For digital TV, our antennas include FM/AM radio and HD radio. We have a range of digital antennas for customers who receive the ABC, SBS or 7 Network in Sydney (these are harder to find). If you have an existing analogue satellite system or digital cable system that needs converting to digital, we can help you with the conversion. We also repair existing satellite and cable systems.

TV Antenna installation and home maintenance cabling services

At times it seems like reception services has just spontaneously died. This can actually be an issue with your cabling. If your antenna has not received maintenance service for a while, the cabling may need some work to fix it.


Our antennas and cable service will make sure your satellite tv or aerial reception will be on point and crystal clear for the ages.


LTE Interference with Antenna can Reduce TV Signal

4g mobile communication can cause interference to your antenna. This is hard to troubleshoot. It can only be done with a device that can detect LTE interference. If the antenna doesn’t need replacing or the cables aren’t faulty. It could be an LTE issue among others.


This type of interference can only be resolved by antenna service specialists like ourselves; who specialize at analyzing the quality of your system.


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